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OVEN ROD 15LB (38C-149C). TTD $1,349.99. Add to Cart. Add to Wishlist; | Add to Compare · OVEN ROD KEEN 15LB 120V. AVAILABLE: 2. SKU: KEEN-KT-  HENKEL KEEN K-15R INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS & REPAIR …


Keen Welding Ovens - Official Corporate Video - Get to Oct 27, 2016 · Learn more at We are an American manufacturer of welding rod ovens, subarc flux ovens, welding wire ovens, TIG filler wire ovens an Item # 350, Welding Electrode Stabilizing Ovens - In-Shop oven fully insulated to prevent heat loss.pilot light indicates oven operation. thermostat control, incorporating on/off switch, maintains oven temperature in 37.8º - 287.8º C range. models 125 and 350 feature nesting feet and sockets for safe, easy stacking. Portable Electrode Ovens | Phoenix International Type 1- Type 1 rod ovens are the smallest Phoenix oven or “quiver” available. They hold 10 lb (5 kg) of electrodes and maintain an average temperature of 300°F (150°C).Type 2 – Type 2 rod ovens offer adjustable temperature capabilities and an optional digital thermometer. A Type 2 holds 20 lb (10 kg) of electrodes and is ideal for when tight temperature control is Bench Ovens | Phoenix International

Dec 09, 2018 · Keen K-200 Bench Welding Rod Oven - 120V 1-Ph - Max Temp 300F - Made in USA - 200 lb. Capacity - CSA-listed - with Factory-Installed Analog Thermometer $1,079.00 Phoenix, 1200200, PH 300/120 Oven 12002

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Bench Rod Ovens Intro The dry, heated environment of Keen bench welding rod ovens is designed to preserve the electrode's factory-specified low-hydrogen content required to deposit defect-free welds. At, we have been supplying Keen welding rod ovens to stick welding professionals for decades. - Buy Keen Welding Ovens | Portable Welding Buy online from welding oven experts. We stock all types of Keen welding rod ovens, subarc flux ovens and specialty welding ovens. Made in USA. Free shipping. HENKEL K-450 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS & REPAIR PARTS … Phone (985) 345-2171 Fax (985) 345-5653 PO Box 1322 Manufacturer of KEEN Ovens Hammond, Louisiana Quality Since 1923. 70401 Flux and Electrode Stabilizing Guide Dry Rod After Exposure to Moisture a Air Conditioned Sufficient Time to affect Weld Quality Portable - 300F Max Temp - Stick Electrode Ovens

Bench Ovens | Phoenix International Type 15B - The 15B maximizes shop space while providing mid-size capacity capabilities.Type 300 - The legendary Type 300 rod oven offers the ideal combination of storage capacity and temperature range for any welding application.Type 900 – For high volume welding operations, the Type 900 offers maximum capacity in a compact oven.Type 40HT – Baking of electrodes requires a Type 300 Bench Rod Ovens | Phoenix International Type 300 ovens are stationary bench ovens that offer high capacity storage. The oven is powered with two 500W heating elements, which work with the circular shape and door vent to provide a consistent storage environment. Welding Rod Ovens - MSC Industrial Supply Keen - 50 Electrode Capacity, 100 to 300°F, Portable Welding Rod Oven - AC/DC Input Current, 120 Volt, 150 Watt, 10-1/2 Inch Wide x 9 Inch Deep x 22-3/4 Inch High Keen Rod Ovens ~ Outdoor Sandals

Welding Ovens by Keen Rugged and durable, these ovens will keep your rods factory dry in the field. Available with or without thermostat. Take what you need from the shop holding oven, and load up a Keen portable before heading to the field. MIG Wire and TIG Filler Rod Holding Ovens - We offer Stick Electrode Welding Ovens Keen rod ovens are specifically designed according to the temperature range of the process, and the amount of electrodes to be stored. The standard holding ovens are designed to accommodate a maximum temperature of 550F and the rebake ovens are designed to reach 999F. Product Overview K-450 -

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The high-capacity Keen K-MT56 oven is the ultimate storage solution for 33 lb.

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